Google Drive and distributed Imagery: Things you need to know

 Google announced that Google Drive and Google Photos will be split in July. Google said "communication between these services causes confusion" so they made some changes to "Making the experience easier to use" This is what is meant for you.

How is Google Drive and images connected?
Currently, Google Drive links and Google Photos are linked from within Google Drive. You can select the Google Photos folder to browse all your photos and videos. Google Backup and Sync for Windows and Mac can sync these photos to your computer, such as Same as you can sync other Google Drive files

From within Google Photos, you'll see images you have stored in other folders on Google Drive.

These interfaces are interconnected. If you delete an image from within Google Drive, that image will disappear from Google Photos. If you delete a photo from within Google Photos, it will be deleted from Google Drive.

Google said that he heard that this connection caused confusion, so there were some changes.

What is change?
Starting sometime in July 2019, this connection will be removed. New photos (and videos) added to Google Photos will not appear in your Google Photos folder in Google Drive, according to Google ads, photos and any videos you There in your Google Photos folder will remain in Google Drive, but will not automatically add new images.

New photos and videos stored in Google Drive will not automatically appear on Google Photos.

If you delete photos or videos from Google Drive or Google Photos, those photos will not be automatically deleted from other services. "This change is designed to help prevent accidental deletion of products in products," Google said.

In other words, automatic links between the two services will be removed. Photos and videos are only available in one place. Google has a notification stating that "The Google Photos folder is changing."

What happened to my photos and videos

There is no change to the current photo or video. If you currently have photos in Google Drive, these photos will continue to appear in Google Photos. If you have existing photos in Google Photos, those photos will still be displayed in the Google Drive folder.

However, new photos uploaded to Google Photos will not appear on Google Drive, and new photos uploaded to Google Drive will not appear on Google Photos.

How can I transfer an image from one drive to another?
Google has added the "Upload from Drive" feature to Google Drive. When you visit the Google Photos website, you can upload photos and videos from your Google Drive account to Google by selecting "Upload from Drive". Photo

After uploading, these photos and videos are not linked. In other words, uploading an image from the drive to an image and deleting it from the service will not delete it from another service.

This means that if you upload a 50 MB drive to a photo and save it in both places, your Google account will be 100 MB.

Can I sync Google Photos with my PC or Mac?
Now, with this integration, photos and videos added to Google Photos can be automatically downloaded (synchronized) to your computer or Mac. Everything happens with the Google Backup and Sync app to sync files on Google Drive. All you have to do is sync with Google Photos.

Does this feature disappear? Google Order seems to state that "you can upload to a high quality service or a real service using backup and sync on Windows or MacOS".

In other words, Google says you will be able to automatically upload photos and videos from your computer. But don't forget to download photos and videos to your computer. You should see clearly what Google is doing in July. But this feature seems to be gone

If you want to sync photos with your computer, it may be better to switch to Dropbox or OneDrive on your mobile phone. These services can download the images you picked up automatically, and you can sync with your computer like any other folder.

Can I upload photos to Google Drive automatically?
Google Photos for Android and iPhone automatically upload photos as needed, but only Google Photos. At least Google apps can not upload automatically and place them on Google Drive. Google Apps

According to police records, the Android Android Autosync application for Google Drive helps resolve this vulnerability. It helps you synchronize files and folders automatically. In a folder of Google Drive (including images). They synchronize with your computer. You can also delete photos and other files in the synced Google Drive folder, Auto Sync will delete those photos in the original location of Android phone.

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