Netflix tests the Web version of the pop-up player

Finally, Netflix has been testing what users have long needed: a pop-up engine. As Engadget emphasizes, Netflix is ​​testing new drivers in the web version.

Subscription-based broadcasters have made this feature available to a few users on a trial basis. To switch to the pop-up, you need to select the small icon at the bottom of the screen. A small floating window appears that you can resize and place anywhere on the screen.

This feature will allow you to keep your favorite shows flowing while you are doing your work. Especially when you are sitting in your office waiting for important email messages, or you want to end your favorite program but you have the task of completing it. Please note that translation is not supported on pop-up players.

But there is nothing surprising. This is not the first time Netflix has tested a new feature. It regularly tests many of the features that go into the product, if they are successful. Otherwise, these ideas are eliminated.

This feature may be released shortly to Netflix users on Windows and Mac computers.

According to another report, Netflix is ​​testing another feature-Instagram-like feed. This includes promote videos, promotions, and movie summaries.

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