The new Windows Update May 10, 2019 is ready to use

The latest update for Windows 10 is the May 2019 update, renamed 19H1 during development with version 1903. It has a light appearance, many speeds and sophisticated refinements. There are no crazy new features like my people or timeline.

Microsoft has already contacted the Windows 10 update in April 2019, but there is a delay. Starting on May 21, 2019, the fix to provide all services on June 6, 2019 has been fixed.

Because Microsoft has adopted an integrated batch strategy for this new update, no one can use it immediately. However, it will be available soon. This is a way to get it.

When you open Windows Update, you will get the option "Update 10 for Windows 10, 1903" or you will need to click Check for updates. If you still do not see this option, click Check for Updates, start your computer, and try again.

Update: According to Microsoft Mike Ybarra, anyone can now upgrade to Windows 10 10903 via Windows Update.

Windows Update does not provide updates, but you can download the Microsoft Update Assistant tool and install it yourself. This update will give you even if you do not know if Microsoft is ready to support your computer.

Major changes in Windows Update
Microsoft has announced significant changes to how Windows 10 is updated.

In particular, Windows 10 does not automatically install major updates such as the May 2019 update or the October 2018 update every six months without your permission. You will see the notification you chose when installing the update.

Do not want to install the update? You can continue to use the current version of Windows 10 (18 months after startup) as long as it supports security updates. However, it needs to be updated every 18 months to get security fixes.

In addition, Microsoft allows home users and professional users to cancel updates-up to 35 days-7 days have to be canceled. However, you can stop up to 5 times After checking for updates on Windows Update, Windows will not be installed automatically. You can temporarily disable the update if you wish.

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