Wen Plus offers prototype 5G at MWC

Although not a ready-made model like competitors, it has been confirmed that OnePlus has not emerged as one of the parties known as the Mobile Wold Congress. The burgeoning Chinese smartphone model is the same mobile phone Wen Plus promised to launch earlier this year.

The company was unable to demonstrate the prototype design with great enthusiasm, as the initial design of the prototype was limited to the entrance of the closed door event to a few selected people. It is quite so.

The smartphone seems to be equipped with a Qualcomm Snap Dragon X50 5G modem to establish a 5G connection. A smartphone is a box that can be made from the white cabbage phone details.

OnePlus also allows fans to experience the features of mobile games including setting up 5G cloud games on mobile phones. This only requires the player to use a smartphone and game board.

Qualcomm explains as follows. “With powerful cloud processing, productivity, and 5G response, gamers can play large online games and initially download them only on their computer.” An unprecedented low latency high resolution cloud game.

This help will force 5G to enjoy the immortal game experience. The game demo uses a game that uses only about 20 MB of cell phone data, and the rest is broadcast.

The company has officially released information on global availability and professional cooperation with Finland and the United Kingdom. After cheating as part of the seminar, it officially announced in 2019 that a new 5G phone will be stored on the Finnish shelf by the second quarter. We have also confirmed that we will work with EE to launch 5G smartphones in the UK.

It's unknown at some point that the new 5G phone will be a new device to replace OnePlus 6T or OnePlus 7.

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