Xiaomi Mi offers Smart Band 4 and other smart home products.

When the Ecosystem product was launched in Beijing, Xiaomi invented the long-awaited Mi Smart Band 4 band along with a host of other smart home products.

The screen size increased by 39.9% compared to the Mi Smart Band 3 screen with a 0.78 "monochrome OLED display. The smart band has all the standard sensors including pedometer and heart rate monitor. The new sensor included is a light sensor that detects changes in blood volume.

The "smart" part of the band added some new and exciting features. The Smart Band will introduce a new pool with offline payment through AliPay. Mii Xiao AI allows users to activate embedded audio to control other Mi Smart Home products. On the fact that the band was first moved by AI.

Featuring a Bluetooth 5.0 LE smart band, which consumes the highest power and provides better connectivity. The smart range has a battery of 135 mAh and can last for 20 days for one charge. The price is about 169 yuan and about 25 USD.

The company has launched many smart home products that consist of smart door locks, smart covers, kitchen covers, stoves, induction cookers, roller ball pens and translators. With a series of other Internet products, Mi provides the means to integrate all of its products.

This device supports simultaneous translation between 34 different languages ​​and is ideal for travelers. Mi AI Translator is a pocket-sized device that contains the Oxford Dictionary, Collins, a Chinese dictionary and many other translation tools.

Because it is an intelligent lock, you can open it with Mi Smart Band 4. It also informs user of door actions in real time. There are 6 types of lock methods.

With the market value of $ 310 million, Xiaomi became the emerging IDC technology, and Xiaomi is the second largest wearable product in the world. reasonable price.

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